The Advent of Making Tax Digital & Quickfile Tutorials


At TW Accounting Services we offer a solution compliant with the reporting requirements of Making Tax Digital (MTD) included in the cost of our annual fees.  The solution we are offering is Quickfile.

Making Tax Digital is a government mandated requirement to keep digital records. The deadlines have repeatedly been delayed by the Government for a variety of reasons. The latest delay means that businesses are currently moving into the MTD requirements on the following dates:

  • VAT registered businesses above the VAT threshold are already ‘live’ and reporting under MTD requirements.
  • VAT registered businesses below the VAT threshold have to have digital reporting set up by April 2022.
  • All other businesses and landlords (except those with income below £10k) must be set up by April 2023.

What now follows is a series of videos giving the basics of Quickfile and how to manage your transactions digitally.

If you find these videos helpful and you would like me to cover other aspects of Quickfile please let me know.

Video 1 – Quickfile Basics & Functionality

Video 2 – Quickfile Recording Sales & Income

Video 3 – Quickfile Recording Purchases and Receipts

Video 4 – Quickfile Banking Module


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